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Lockdown forces Maggie and Colin back together, but can she forgive her famous pop philosopher husband for his late-life fling?

Maggie seethes with hurt and resentment, but she has her own secrets.

How well do husbands and wives really know each other, and what untold stories lurk beneath their familiar routines and habits?

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An individual subscription costs £8.00 for one month and gives access to all chapters, with opportunities to comment and provide feedback. Free subscribers have access to the first chapter and to snippets of subsequent chapters.  An annual subscription for £50 includes free participation in online workshops and access to the recordings afterwards, as well as access to future posts (short stories, novels and book reviews). I'll be running two online writing workshops in July. 

The novel generated much debate when it was read by a book group. Why not read it for your next book group or as part of an interactive exercise in creative writing and critical reading? Group subscriptions (two or more subscribers) are eligible for a 20% discount for each monthly and annual subscriber.

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