This is a marvellous work, some hard-hitting passages make it tough to read in places but you are always pulled along by the gripping narrative. It’s frequently moving and very cleverly structured. A superb achievement.

Chris Knight (Amazon)


Read by our book club & what a read! Hard to read in parts due to the topics but you have to keep reading……touching, heart breaking & enlightening - all emotions provoked. A must read & can’t wait to read her other books

Louisa Simmons (Amazon)

This story is powerful.  … Truly, this is the most important, meaningful, well-written, and emotionally satisfying book I have ever proofread, or that I have read in years. 

Jessica Lucci, poet, novellist and proofreader


... the stories of 3 very different women over the years of Zimbabwe’s struggle for freedom, from superbly evoked scenes of 1950s colonialism through 1970s guerrila war to the present day. ... The experience of mothers and lovers living through war is told with a sensitivity which resonates today. I hope Between Two Rivers finds a wide readership.


Pat (Amazon)