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Caught in the Act: a writer's journal


These are musings, questions and reflections that emerge in the process of reading and writing. I share them as much for myself as for others, though every act of writing is an act of sharing, even if only for the other who I am when I read what I write, the other I write for, the other I write into being. We are, as Julia Kristeva reminds us, always other to ourselves, the stranger within, the neighbour who, says Thomas Aquinas, I must love because I am my nearest neighbour.

This is a self-indulgent space so it has no footnotes or links, because those come with the onerous  duties of an academic  and here I am not that person. Here I am everybody and nobody, and I write what is given to me.


This new year activity is not a resolution but an inspiration, and it may not last. But here I offer what I have, to the unknown reader that you are.

Journal entries

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