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Thought for the Day
Tina Beattie's contributions - 2022

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Wednesday, 30th November

Wednesday, 23rd November: The Ongoing Struggle for Women's Rights

The  courage of the Iranian football team, misogyny, and the women around Jesus

Wednesday, 16th November: Maternal Love and Guilt

Why do we mothers so often feel responsible for all our children's struggles and sufferings?

Monday, 23rd May: Wealth and Vulnerability

A reflection on Marinella Senatore's installation art in the new development at Battersea Power Station

Monday, 16th May: Obligation and Desire

A reflection on returning to Sunday Mass after the pandemic

Monday, 24th January: Rape and Misogyny 

A reflection on the woman caught in adultery (John 8: 1-11)

Monday, 17th January: Living with Dignity

A reflection on duty and public life

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