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“Msasa trees provided dappled shade for Jenny’s tea party. April sunshine dribbled through the leaves onto suntanned arms. The frangipanis were in bloom ...”

 This is the scene that greets Scottish doctor Morag soon after her arrival in Salisbury, Rhodesia in the 1950s. Jenny is an English wife and mother trapped in an increasingly violent marriage and secretly in love with another man. Soon, Beatrice will come to work as Jenny’s maid and nanny to her children. Over the next twenty years these three women will form deep bonds of affection, but can their loyalty to one another survive as the façade of white suburban life is shattered by war?



A compelling and captivating read. The story is a fascinating weave of black and white characters. I loved it despite scenes that deeply disturbed me, having been through those times. Tina Beattie has captured an essence of the time with precise and knowledgeable detail.

Angus Shaw

Zimbabwean writer and war correspondent

Rhodesia is sleep-walking towards its devastating civil war. Three women become entangled in that war and in relationships that harbour the seeds of tragedy. With great sensitivity and insight, Tina Beattie tells a haunting story of love and war that will long linger in the mind. 

Kay Powell

author of Then a Wind Blew

This story is powerful.  … Truly, this is the most important, meaningful, well-written, and emotionally satisfying book I have ever proofread, or that I have read in years. 

Jessica Lucci

Professional proofreader and

author of The Watch City Trilogy




This is a marvellous work, some hard-hitting passages make it tough to read in places but you are always pulled along by the gripping narrative. It’s frequently moving and very cleverly structured. A superb achievement.

Chris Knight (Amazon)


... the stories of 3 very different women over the years of Zimbabwe’s struggle for freedom, from superbly evoked scenes of 1950s colonialism through 1970s guerrila war to the present day. ... The experience of mothers and lovers living through war is told with a sensitivity which resonates today. I hope Between Two Rivers finds a wide readership.

Pat (Amazon)

What a moving story! The first book for me to read by this author but definitely not my last. The story and characters will stay with you long after you finish this. Cannot recommend enough!

NetGalley Reviewer 

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